Easter Message by Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP

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Wednesday, March 31st 2021

I wish to bring to you all Easter greetings.

For some of us, this Easter comes up with pains of death, including COVID-19 induced deaths.

Whilst sickness and death is not pleasant, Easter, which points to the death of Jesus Christ, also tells of His resurrection that gives hope in the face of death.

The amplifier for death is ringing aloud on planet earth with COVID-19 and all other diseases, which Jesus did mention as signs of His second coming.

Read Matthew 24 verse 8, which includes pestilences as a sign of His soon return.

Thus, I ask you all to embrace the hope of life Easter points to us.

Jesus died to restore humans to eternal life lost in Eden when mother Eve fell into sin with Satan’s deception.

This same Satan is now spinning the same deception that you will not die and is encouraging lawlessness.

I ask our citizens to take these moments of COVID-19 induced isolation time to rethink about your own mortality and your responsibilities to your God, your family and your country.

I want to encourage our citizens to reflect this Easter that we all can die, but see Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection to infuse hope into us that there is eternal life to gain if we live the Christian lifestyle.

As Government, we are working to the very best of our abilities to serve you all in these hard times.

We will use the COVID-19 induced exposure of our weak health sector to fix our health systems and infrastructure, as an example.

We are also working on our long-term economic restructuring and other public service deliverables amidst the present challenges.

So have hope and be of good cheer.

I pray for God’s mercy over our country this Easter.

Have hope, God is good at all times.


If God can allow His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and raise him to life so you and me can have eternal life, let’s live life purposefully with renewed hope, despite, the gloom of death that stares in our face.

Love you all, stay safe and God bless.

Hon. James Marape, MP

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea


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