June 15, 2021 - 345 views

By VICKY BAUNKE in Goroka: 

With the World Environment Day commemorated recently, many nationwide were reminded of the importance of planing trees to sustain life on planet earth, in order to benefit future generations. 

There are many small and big organizations around the country that support the idea of conservation through the initiatives of tree planting and one such is the Daulo Commodities Cooperative Society Limited (DCCSL).

DCCSL with its tree planting initiative works collaboratively with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, Partners with Melanesians, Global Greengrants Fund and EHPA Highlands National Forestry Authority office in Goroka.

Since embarking on the tree planting initiative in 2019, DCCSL secretary Mr Jerry Aviro says they have planted well over 92, 000 trees on their own land in the upper-Asaro area specifically wards seven, three and one.

Mr Aviro says the target is that by 2022, a total of 300, 000 trees are planted mainly the Gum Tree or Eucalyptus including other species as well.

He said the tree planting initiative under taken by DCCSL is not very much concentrated on profit-making but for conservation purposes.

He said the main aim with tree planting is seen as a long term investment for their future generations to have timber in the future to build houses and also to prevent landslips which are common in the Daulo district of EHP.  

In terms of profit making, Mr Aviro says they sell polly bags for K1 to those who are interested in planting trees.

In the meantime, the DCCSL is also appealing to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Climate Change to give a feedback on a commitment that was made on June 5th, 2020 at the Keremu Anengu village in the upper-Asaro LLG.

The commitment was to make funds available to help DCCSL proceed with the tree planting exercise.

Mr Aviro thanked all partners in the likes of GGF, Partners with Melanesians Inc, EHPA Forestry Authority Office and National Planning Secretary Mr Koney Samuel for the continuous support towards DCCSL’s tree planting work.


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