City lawlessness not an emergency, says Parkop

May 03, 2021 - 292 views

The recent lawlessness in the National Capital District does not require a State of Emergency, rather efforts to strengthen the police personnel in carrying out their law enforcement duties.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, made these remarks on the FM100 Talkback Show this morning when asked about his views and plans following the numerous attacks and killings by ethnic groups last week that left city residents and their livelihood at stake.

Governor Parkop said the incidences last week do not portray the entire story of the city as 98 percent of residents are law abiding citizens.

However when asked about the continuous reports of daily attacks around the city and the lack of prosecuting the perpetrators, Parkop said that is now the responsibility of the community to assist.

Parkop emphasized again that the two real issues are the lack of police empowerment and community support.

He adds a State of Emergency will only give city residents a false sense of security.

Meantime he said for the long term effort, the conversion of settlement to suburb initiative is well underway and is believed to be the way forward.


Picture by PNG Bulletin


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