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  Photo caption: CLRC with stakeholders during consultation on the review of Laws on Land and Natural Resources Compensation in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province.



The Review of Laws on Land and Natural Resources Compensation has been welcomed as long over-due in Southern Highlands Province. 

The Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) that is undertaking the review has begun consultations with relevant stakeholders in the province since Monday this week. 

The consultations have raised the need for the Government to seriously go back to the drawing board to review the relevant laws as well as key project agreements such as the UBSA and LBSA Agreements so that fair playing field is created for all parties including the landowners, Provincial Government, the National Government, and Developer to benefits equally. 

CLRC also heard grievances on loss of lives relating to resources projects, lack of impactful developments translating from the resources, genuine landowner identification, lack of widespread consultation, among other pressing concerns. 

“Your voice must be heard by the Government after all this affects the people,” CLRC Commissioner Rev. Dr .Jack Urame who is heading the consultation said. 

Terms of Reference (TOR) 13: Review of Laws on Land Natural Resources Compensation was launched last week Friday 26th November 2021 simultaneously with another important review TOR 16: Review of Laws Relating to Real Estate Industries.   

TOR 13 focuses on landowner rights and protection of those rights, benefits sharing, land acquisition and whether this complies with National Goals and Directive Principles, and downstream processing. 

TOR 16 is aimed at reviewing relevant legislations and policies that will address various legal, social and economic issues relating to the real estate industry. 

Consultations on the both reviews have commenced in selected centers this week and will continue into December. 

CLRC is also accepting views and submissions from the public and interested individuals and organizations until 31st January 2022 for TOR 13 and 16th January 2022. 

SOURCE: STATEMENT (30/11/2021)


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