December 01, 2021 - 251 views

The Papua New Guinea Constitutional & Law Reform Commission – CLRC -  is currently undertaking two very pressing Reviews that will greatly impact the country; 

  • Terms of Reference or TOR 13: Review of Laws on Land and Natural Resource (Renewable and Non-renewable) Compensation; 
  • and TOR 16: Review of Laws Relating Real Estate Industry. 

Both TORs and their respective issues papers that document the key issues were simultaneously launched on Friday 26th November 2021. 

TOR 13 focuses on landowner rights and protection of those rights, benefit sharing, land acquisition and whether this complies with the National Goals and Directive Principles and possibility or benefits of downstream processing among other issues. 

TOR 16 is aimed at addressing various policy, legal, economic and social issues relating to real estate industry such as lack of National Real Estate Policy, National Housing Strategy, and a single law for real estate; colonial laws, high or unaffordable cost of housing and rental properties, untaxed and unregulated rental homes, squatter settlements,

unemployment, failing national housing or real estate projects, law quality building materials for rental properties, urban migration, land unavailability, lack of skilled industry workforce. 

CLRC has already commenced consultations on both reviews with key stakeholders in selected centres of the country since Monday 29 November 2021. 

CLRC also welcomes submissions from a broad cross section of the community, the general public and those with special interest 

Submissions are open until 31st January 2022 for TOR 13 and 16th January 2022 for TOR 16.

Comments made on this Facebook post or messages will also be considered. 

As part of both reviews, CLRC will be reviewing relevant laws, regulations, and policies at the backdrop of all the views collected and research conducted with regard to the key issues and make relevant recommendations to the Government for either administrative, policy or legislative reforms.


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