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Prime Minister James Marape officially opened the K42million Alotau Town market and Fisheries Project on Friday, in front of a packed crowd, who wanted to catch a glimpse of the PM.


The Market was funded by the Japanese Government through the JICA Overseas Development Assistance Grant with counterpart funding from the Government of PNG through the National Fisheries Authority in 2019.


According to Fisheries Minister Dr Lino Tom, NFA’s  concepts of of Markets and Jetties Program, under which the Alotau Town Market Project is designed is to provide an integrated approach, that is building, a town market with its essential components such as fish markets and jet facilities providing access between fish trading and overall vegetable marketing in a one stop approach.


He says the overall objective of the program is to contribute to sustainable coastal fisheries development and management in PNG to enhance bilateral relationship between Japan and PNG especially in the field of fisheries.


Minister Tom also thanked the Government of PNG for the continuous support in the development of fisheries.


While tuna offshore fisheries is vital to PNG for economic reasons, Minister Tom said, coastal fisheries is vital for PNG because the sector provides daily livelihoods of over 2.5million population of the coastal and island communities in terms of food, income, cultural and ecological use.


The Fisheries Minister and Wabag local MP said under his leadership, he would like to see that the national government refocus and apply appropriate level of attention towards the sustainable development of coastal fisheries  for our coastal communities well being.


According to Minister Tom, it is clear, that the fisheries program, within NFA, is strengthened with a clear policy direction as it will provide clear goals for measuring impacts and effectiveness of development programs and projects with the coastal fisheries sector.


He said the project was delivered on time and he remains confident the market will be properly and successfully managed and taken care of by the people of Milne Bay.


Local MP Charles Able said the Huhu Local Level Government, who are the  customary landowners of the land on which the market sits on will operate and manage the market.


Huhu LLG President Lelena Metoa also thanked the Government of the K32million funding and the PNG Government for the K10million and promised the people, starting next week, all vendors, wanting to sell their produce at the market will be selling it for free, which resulted in a wave of excitement and applause from the crowd.


The PM also announced K500,000 seed capital to the business arm of the market to get it started.


Chief Representative of JICA PNG, Masato Koinuma, says this is the biggest provincial market that JICA has ever built in the country.


He says the design of the market captures very important aspects including Environment, Health and Hygiene, Safety for both vendors and consumers, convenient space for vendors to sell fish or marine products and other produce ad well.


He also said sustainability of a project is a crucial task as he called on all the stakeholders to work together closely to continue proper maintenance and operation of the market.


He further said the Alotau Town Market and Fisheries Facilities is a symbol of friendship between the People of Japan and People of Papua New Guinea.




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