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National Pandemic Controller David Manning says the government has not approved any trial or testing of the coronavirus vaccine in PNG.

This follows reports of following reports of Chinese nationals being put a vaccination trial at the Ramu Nico mine site in Madang province.

According to Controller Manning, the government through the National Department of Health and its scientific advisory committee do not recognized this as an official method of dealing with Covid-19 in the country.

He says he has written to the Chinese ambassador in PNG, asking him to provide information as to what these vaccination trials are.

Meanwhile, Mr. Manning says a flight schedule to arrive from China who had employees of certain mines was canceled yesterday, due to lack of information provided of what the Vaccination trials where for.

He says he will take appropriate steps until and when the Chinese government through the Chinese embassy in PNG provides full detail information of the vaccination trial.

Meantime time as a result of this report the government has put in place an additional measure to counter trials of vaccine or methods of treating coronavirus apart from what is being used currently.

He says the new measure provides strict guidelines as to what the National government are doing to protect the country against vaccination from China.

The new measure numbers 12 says;

  • No Covid-19 vaccination or unapproved Pharmaceutical intervention is to be provided to any person within PNG.
  • No vaccine testing or trials for Covid-19 shell occur within PNG.
  • A person who claims to receive vaccine overseas must comply with the requirement containing measures 2 of the international travel measures includes;
  • A person must be quarantined upon arrival into PNG.
  • Persons prior to boarding on an aircraft to PNG must be tested within a 7 days period.

Mr. Manning says a person or organization who does not comply with these measures shell be deemed to have committed an offence under the National Pandemic Act.

These measures have come into effect on the 20th August, 2020 and shall apply until the end of the declaration of the pandemic act.


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Mike, 2 months ago
Well done, strange situation