National vaccine roll out launched

May 04, 2021 - 271 views

Prime Minister James Marape has launched the 2021 National Vaccine Roll Out programme for PNG.

This roll out has been dubbed the "'Sleeves Up' Be a Covid-19 vaccine Champion" campaign.

Prime Minister Marape said the vaccines are part of the country's key strategy of defence against COVID-19. 

He said there is over 100, 000 vaccines now in the country to be dispersed for the roll out.

He said he was the first person to be vaccinated, but that was a personal decision based on science research and on information available.

He said he also analyzed statistical data. 

He said as a statistician, he monitored countries doing vaccination, such as in the UK where there was only 40 people out of 40 million that had side effects. 

He said that is 0.01 per cent.

He said while he encourages citizens to take the vaccine, he also mentioned that it is not mandatory. 

The PM also stated that under his government, there will be no laws to make those essential in the frontline health system to take the vaccine. 

Meantime he also used the launch to pay respect to the 121 people who have passed away from COVID19.

PM Marape adds also that COVID-19 has totally exposed the weak health care system and facilities, and this is something this government is address as a way forward. 



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