February 19, 2021 - 954 views

Opposition Leader Belden Namah is calling on the government to stop the use of any covid19 vaccines until a comprehensive report is tabled on pandemic and its effects on the country's population.

 Namah says the government through the Prime Minister have a duty to report on;


- the effects of Covid 19 on the population

- measures taken to protect the population and how the measures have worked

-account of public monies and source  of funding.


And an update on PNG's Covid 19 vaccination program which the PM support with the allocation of K10.2 million.

 Mr Namah says until a report is made public Papua New Guineans should not be exposed to any vaccine test.

“PNG does not need any vaccines because the Prime Minister has already announced our own miracle cure. He allocated K10.2 million toward that effort”.

Mr Namah said that the government needs to provide scientific or medical evidence of people who are said to be diagnosed with COVID19.

“In absence of a full report on the report on the effects of this virus upon our people, we cannot blindly go ahead and vaccinate our people on mere assumptions” he added.


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