Marape wants to declare PNG as a Christian country

May 05, 2021 - 295 views

Prime Minister James Marape is still determined to go ahead with the intention of declaring PNG as a Christian nation.

Yesterday he told the media at APEC Haus in Ela Beach, Port Moresby, that although the government is sourcing information on the issue, they will not engage in mass consultation.

Instead, they will make use of available technology such as the internet, and communication applications like WhatsApp to research and consult.

He said even they will source out individual contacts.

However, Opposition Leader Belden Namah has criticized this move.

Namah said there is no point in declaring PNG as a Christian nation.

“It is already declared in the preambles of the Constitution, and the body of PNG’s Constitution already talks about the freedom of religion.

“The forefathers of PNG acknowledged this in PNG’s preamble and Constitution, and while they did not have the kind of education that he and Marape have benefited from, they were wise.”

The Opposition Leader said this means Marape and the current government aims to amend what is in the original preamble and in the Constitution on this national issue of religion.

Namah made it clear that this kind of amendment cannot happen unless the issue is raised, discussed and debated on the floor of parliament, but asked how that would be possible when the government keeps adjourning parliament.

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