Man killed in city’s Ethnic clash

April 30, 2021 - 1522 views

An ethnic clash early this morning caused chaos and disruption to the commuters and public along the 2 Mile Hill road to Badili before police reinforcement attended to the scene and got the situation under control.

Badili Police Station Commander Obert Jerry says initial police reports states the fighting erupted after a man from Goilala was chopped to death along the road by suspects believed to be of Tari origin, at around 4am today.

He says police believe it to be a retaliation over a recent killing along the Gorobe/Badili junction last Sunday, involving the same ethnic groups at the Gorobe settlement.

The situation is now under control but tense and police patrol units have been stationed at strategic location around the area to keep watch of possible escalation of violence.

Earlier this week, Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko had visited the same community, appealing for the relatives of the first killing to remain calm, and allow police to conduct investigations.

However, this morning, fight again erupted, with gunshots being heard by eyewitnesses, and the traffic being re-routed from Badilli, using the Kaugere to 3-Mile route, and affecting traffic which was heavily congested in the aftermath.

Meantime,  Met. Supt. Ikumu and Tkatchenko will give further updates on the situation in a press conference at 2pm at the Badili Police Station.

Picture by Benjamin Mawa Ruimb


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