Groundbreaking Ceremony of new Holy Spirit High School

April 01, 2021 - 253 views

The 31st of March 2021 saw the birth of the proposed new Holy Spirit Cathedral High School with the groundbreaking ceremony held near the Holy Spirit Primary School in Madang. 

The initial construction work will commence with the establishment of the first six- in-one classroom for the first grade 9 intakes of the new Holy Spirit Cathedral High School, hopefully at the beginning of 2022.

The Catholic Church through the Archdiocese of Madang was praised for the initiative taken to be at the forefront of driving this project through in addressing Madang's growing need of more spacing for eligible students to continue formal education through to the high and secondary schools in Madang District and the Province as a whole.

Archbishop Anton Bal of the Madang Archdiocese acknowledged institutions and individuals in the province who financially supported to get the works of the new high school, off the ground.

He stressed that education and delivery of education services is not the business of the Archdiocese of Madang, but is a business of the Government. 

The Archdiocese however, has tried to ease some of those burden from the government but it seems the Archdiocese is being used because of the moral conscience evident within the organization. 

Archbishop Bal added that the establishment of the new Holy Spirit Cathedral High School also needs support from all stakeholders to work in partnership. 

Construction work is expected to begin in the morning today onwards.



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