Grandma inspired Kuka Design

June 16, 2021 - 1883 views

By Louise Mary Kodor

The Kuka (Crab) design now on seen on fabrics for meri blouse and laplaps was inspired by a woman who is now only a memory.

Designer Marjorie Maddiar is making a name for herself in the fashion industry with her Kuka designs in Kavieng.

The 26 year old from Umbukul village in New Ireland province and Indonesia, told FM100 News, the Kuka print was inspired by her late grandmother who loved the sea and mud crabs.

“Story behind the kukaprint, was inspired by my grandmother, she died a few years back and I remember she loved the sea, and the like to go crab hunting in the mangroves.

“My grandmother was always welcoming. Everyone in our village Umbukul loved her cooking and they praised her for her gardening skills because everything she touches multiplies and grows. She is always prayerful, and she had gifted hands,” Ms Maddiar said.

Ms Maddiar’s love for fashion and her grandmother moved her to use Kuka design to honour her grandmother’s memory.

“So, this is how I'm holding onto her memory, through my crab designs and other designs yet to be known. I saw this as an opportunity to give myself a chance to honour her memory and also even though she’s in heaven I know in my heart that she would be proud of me being somebody in life.”

Ms Maddiar was doing her third year in Communication Arts and Journalism program at the Divine Word University in Madang when her grandmother passed away in 2016.

Choosing the Kuka design is her goodbye to the woman who meant the world to her.

“This is my proper goodbye to her as I never I got the chance to say goodbye,” she said.

Her designed blouses and laplaps are currently being sold in Kavieng and Port Moresby.

She managed to showcase her design at a Tourism Promotion Authority event recently in Kavieng.

Marjorie is now working on her dream to becoming one of the top designers in the country.


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