Dr. Ngangan hopeful APEC report is ready for November sitting

October 05, 2020 - 946 views

By Karen Otu

The Department of Finance hopes to dispose all the APEC Assets and complete the APEC Audit by this month so a report is ready for Parliament sitting in November.

Chairman of the National Procurement Commission and Finance Secretary, Dr Ken Ngangan, told FM100 news, the disposal of the APEC assets is going well so far.

Dr. Ngangan said, they are getting expression of interests, channeled through the National Procurement Commission, for the 38 Maserati’s.

Following the 2018 APEC Summit, only one Maserati and one Bentley were sold.

The purchase of the controversial 40 Maserati’s, to ferry VIPs during the APEC Summit drew public criticism, many saying the money could have been better spent on delivering basic services to the people of this country.


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