Work on addressing lawlessness in Madang begins

September 17, 2020 - 121 views

Phase two of the special police operation ‘Make Madang Safe Again’ to address crime in the Madang Open electorate has started, with the first two surrender programs seeing over 300 youth surrender, including the prime suspects in cult killings and the beheading of a teacher in 2018.

Twenty-five police personnel, made up of eleven members of the Port Moresby-based Airborne Tactical Unit, and fourteen members of the Northern Special Group from Lae, are in Madang for the operation.

Madang Open Member of Parliament, Bryan Kramer said he designed the operation with strategic, targeted outcomes, based on his years of engagement with youth, community programs, and as a police reservist.

The electorate has been divided into five main zones, Madang Urban, North Ambenob, South Ambenob, Transgogol Zone 1, and Transgogol Zone 2, and police will deploy four teams in each of the rural zones with specific tasking, and conduct a joint operation in Madang Urban.

Kramer said at the end of the three-month operation they expect over 10,000 youth throughout the electorate to have participated in one of the 262 planned surrender programs.


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Mike, 1 day ago
Well done