Seed availability and accessibility a concern for agriculture in PNG

September 30, 2019 - 884 views

SEED availability and accessibility for fruits, nuts and vegetable is lacking in Papua New Guinea according to experts from the Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA)

FPDA’s Program Manager for Seed and Planting materials Alex Agiwa made consultative visits to major and minor input suppliers in the country last month (August) and realized that the issue that needs to be addressed.

He said the issue of seed availability and accessibility is associated with the season of the seed crops, technical know-how in seed handling and delay in placing seed orders by the input suppliers. 

He said PNG is without a seed industry which actually breeds crops for improvements and consistently produce seed and plantlets to meet the demands by farmers.

He said the country is totally relying on importation from developed seed industries overseas and if the seed industries are closed down for some reason, farmers in PNG will experience problems in accessing the required seed supplies.

Mr. Agiwa said major input suppliers such as Brian Bell, Farmset, Chemica and Agmark import large quantities of assorted vegetable seed from overseas seed industries such as Yates and Terranova and then make them available for farmers throughout PNG.

He also made mention the minor input suppliers that purchase seed from the major input suppliers and re-sell on added price and act like distributors of the major input suppliers under some form of arrangements upon agreements.

One example is the Right Price Enterprise Input Supplier at Popondetta (Oro) which sell inputs supplied by Brian Bell Group of Companies including assorted vegetable seed.

Mr. Agiwa said FPDA and Brian Bell have been in consultation and will come up with an agreement to initiate a dealers at the provincial and district levels. 

He also urged NARI, DAL and FPDA to invest in training seed experts, plant breeders in order for PNG to have an established seed industry in the country.


Pic Caption: Seed and Planting Materials Program Manager of FPDA Alex Agiwa (Left) discussing the Issues of seed availability and accessibility with John Tokunai, Brian Bell’s National Sales and Marketing Coordinator.


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