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Speaker of the National Parliament Job Pomat says the parliament meeting which commenced on the 10th of November 2020 is still in progress and shall only be adjourned by a minister on a motion without notice pursuant to Standing orders and the Organic Law on the calling of meetings of the Parliament.

Pomat called a media conference today to announce that after careful consideration of the Chair’s ruling on Friday 13th of November he is of the opinion that this ruling is incorrect.

Under sections 2 (1)(a) (i) of the Organic law on the calling of Meetings of Parliament  it states “ In relation to any meeting of the parliament.. the time and date for the meeting shall be fixed by the parliament on a motion without notice by a minister”

The speaker says standing orders number 43 states  “ A motion for the adjournment of parliament maybe moved only by a minister and no amendment can be moved to the motion”

Standing orders number 47 states “ a motion for the fixing of the next meeting of the parliament maybe moved by a minister at any time without notice”

Pomat says it is clear from the facts that the Opposition leader Belden Namah is not a minister of state and therefore was not entitled to move an adjournment motion.

“I am conscious that the adjournment motion maybe a clear breach of the organic law thus amounting to a breach of a constitutional law”

He added that there are speculations that the standing orders were suspended and that this had given legitimacy to the motion.

“I disagree with that contention on the basis that a constitutional law provision cannot and should not suspended through the use of Standing orders” said Pomat

The speaker says this means that parliament will continue sitting tomorrow at 2pm.

Meantime Prime Minister James Marape says parliament he has instructed his lawyers to seek an interpretation from the courts and to have parliament recalled as soon as possible


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