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Caption: NCD Police posted these pictures this morning to prove Bhosip Kaiwi is not out on any bail and is still being held at the Boroko Police cell.

NCD Police CID Homicide and Forensic Science team this posted this pictures to dispel rumors circulating that murder suspect and partner of late Jennelyn Kennedy MR Bhosip Kaiwi is still being detained at the Boroko police cell.

Police say they are working tirelessly to build up a good case against the suspect.

 Police say Bhosip was formally arrested and charged and will appear in Court on Monday 29th June 2020 to ensure his Warrant is issued for transfer to CS Bomana.

 “We would like to put to rest certain posts being shared on Facebook that the suspect has been granted bail. Police have no jurisdiction to grant Bail for such serious cases. Only the Courts do” Said a statement posted on the Facebook page of POLICE – NCD/ Central Division

 Police Senior Officers have physically checked and confirmed that Mr Bosip Kaiwi is in Police custody, locked up in a holding cell at Boroko Police Station.

ON Friday a post mortem conducted on the body of late Jennelyn Kennedy with the findings of the cause of death report given to the Police Criminal Investigation Division.

 Doctor in Charge of the post mortem, Chief Pathologist of Port Moresby General Hospital Dr Seth Fose told FM100 News right after the post mortem that the victim died as a result of head injury and bruises to internal organs due to direct blunt force trauma to the head and body.

 Blunt force trauma is an injury that occurs when an object hits or strikes a part of the body.

 For Jenelyn's case, findings revealed she was hit directly on the head and body that caused her internal organs to sustain bruises and injuries.

 The corona report is expected to be completed by mid-next week before police CID compiles the report with the other necessary documents and that will be used before the courts.


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