PM Marape: PNG moves forward as Namah remains behind

May 29, 2020 - 172 views

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says Papua New Guinea is moving forward, contrary to what Opposition Leader Hon. Belden Namah is barking about.

He said this today as his Government celebrates its first anniversary tomorrow, and in response to a statement from Namah, claiming he had taken PNG “backwards”.

Prime Minister Marape will give a full scorecard of his first year in office at a press conference today.

His Government’s first major achievement since taking office on May 29, 2019, was taking back PNG from the corruption that had affected the country for many years.

He said likeminded leaders, fed up with the ongoing corruption of the past regime, voted him in for change.

“The change of Government arose from a collective desire to ‘Take Back PNG’ from the hands of people who practice greed, nepotism and cronyism,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“This allowed for only a few individuals, companies, businesses and urban areas to gain at the expense of the vast majority of Papua New Guineans.

“It is obvious that Namah sees this change as a threat to his very existence.
“We have taken back PNG from such people.”

Prime Minister Marape said he had not created “chaos” in the education system as claimed by Namah.

“Every student ought to receive quality education under a quality standard-based curriculum through a 1-6-6 school structure supported by both State and parents,” he said.

“This explains our stand for an education system that is underpinned by a shared responsibility charter between parents, State and community.
“We have introduced a sustainable and responsible policy under the Government Tuition Fee Subsidy (GTFS) replacing the former Tuition Fee Free (TFF).”
Prime Minister Marape said Papua LNG and P’nyang discussions were for the greater good of PNG.
“We have signed the Papua LNG project which is due to lift the number of LNG trains from three to five,” he said.

“Discussions over P’nyang are ongoing to ensure a fairer deal.

“We want the best deal for PNG.”

Prime Minister Marape also rebutted Namah’s criticisms of the way his Government addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said PNG had not experienced a single death due to COVID-19, which was a direct outcome of his Government’s handling of the pandemic.

“As a responsible Government, we took the smartest and proactive steps to guard our citizens’ safety when World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic,” he said.

“We initiated the State-of-Emergency on March 24, 2020, to arrest the spread of the coronavirus from spreading in our communities.

“State-of-Emergency ends on June 2, 2020, when Parliament will reconvene to determine the ‘new normal’ or living with Covid 19.

“Everyone can see what we have done, except Namah.”


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Mike, 1 month ago
Tough words