Nukundj meets Indonesian Ambassador and held Discussions on Land Border Movement

July 07, 2020 - 384 views

Minister for Immigration and Border Security Westly Nukundi Nukundj met with Indonesia Ambassador Excellency Andriana Sutandy.

Discussions surrounded the areas of strengthening bilateral corporation between the two nations in the areas of visas and border protection along the PNG-Indonesian borders, border infrastructure development within the COVID-19 period and cooperation between the two nations after COVID-19.

The meeting was a follow up on earlier discussions between the leaders of the two nations, Prime Minister James Marape and Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Minister Nukundj reiterated the Government’s position on reaching an understanding with PNG’s closest neighbour on controlling the movement of people into PNG through the land border.

“ COVID -19 is present in Indonesia and the chances of it being spread into PNG by land is very high .We have our security forces manding our border but we have to work together though an understanding to ensure that the virus does not spread over PNG,” emphasized the Minister.

Ambassador Sutandy in response said he is pleased to continue the discussions as a follow up from initial discussion between the two leaders.


He expressed his gratitude towards the PNG government for its corporation in ensuring that 24 Indonesians where safely repatriated back last month. He said those repatriated where working in the PNGLNG Project, Oil Search and other companies.

The Ambassador further went on to say he is looking forward to the same assistance through the officer of the Controller when the second repatriation exercise is carried later this month. The second batch of 103 where working in different companies operating along the borders.

His Excellency in the course of their discussions, made mention that he has discussed with other state ministers in the areas of Commerce, Transport and State Owned Enterprises on development assistance in these different areas.

 In conclusion both agreed that the PNG-Indonesia relationship must be strengthen though mutual trust and understanding and further corporation between the two nations.


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Mike, 1 month ago
Well done