Namah calls on Marape to step down as Prime Minister

November 13, 2020 - 840 views

Opposition leader Belden Namah is calling on Prime Minister James Marape to resign from his leadership as soon as possible.

He made this call when addressing the media at the Crown Hotel this afternoon in Port Moresby.

Mr Namah was pleased to announce that by majority vote of 57 members, the government has moved to join the opposition.

In supporting Mr Namah, 7 members of Marape’s PANGU PATI including Sam Basil left the government to join the opposition.

Namah said his camp now has 61 members.

Mr Basil said they moved because Marape’s leadership has dropped the country’s economy.

He said the MP’s moved due to lack of management and delays in the economy of the country by Marape’s government.

A Vote of No Confidence to challenge Marape’s leadership is expected after November 30th.


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