July 31, 2020 - 256 views

BEE keeping or apiculture has been dominated by men over the past years however that is changing now with more women engaged in bee keeping.

Mary Barre a representative of the Eastern Highlands Women in Apiculture said one main reason women have been staying away from this particular industry is of the fact that bees sting.

However, many women have now realized that bee keeping is a genuine agricultural activity which helps generate income to sustain their livelihood.

The Eastern Highlands Women in Apiculture works closely with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock office in Goroka and other stakeholders to encourage more women to engage in bee keeping.

Barre said from where she comes from in the Daulo district, there is a total of 55 bee farmers, 20 of which are females.

She says the numbers indicate that they are picking up and in the near future hopes to see more women involved in apiculture.


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