Marape said Government is intact

November 13, 2020 - 421 views

Prime Minister James Marape in addressing the media today said the government is intact.

Marape is being supported by 52 MPs and said what transpired today on the floor of parliament is normal. 

He said he is currently working on a reshuffle of the cabinet. 

This is to cover portfolios that immediately became vacant when several MPs including the Deputy Prime Minister and other MPs crossed the floor to join the opposition. 

Prime Minister Marape is appealing to Papua New Ginueans to remain calm.

He also gave assurance that the 2021 budget will be handed down when parliament meets again in December. 

A vote of No Confidence in Mr Marape can only take place after the 30th of November. 

For now Marape remains the incumbent Prime Minister 

Meantime, the Opposition led by Belden Namah is currently addressing the media at Crown Hotel.

More updates will be given after the opposition’s conference.


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Mike, 2 weeks ago