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A post mortem will be carried on the late Jennelyn Kennedy at 2PM today at the Erima Funeral home.

The late Jennelyn Kennedy suffered 6 days of horrific torture by her partner Bosip Kaiwi at their home at Korobosea in Port Moresby.

Jennelyn’s babysitter Rachael Ipang is a key witness of the ordeal Jennelyn faced throughout 5 years of her time with Kaiwi.

In the last few days leading up to the day Jennelyn’s body was brought to the hospital, she was constantly chained and locked up in their room after she was beaten up.

Ms Ipang said the beatings started getting intense on Thursday last week and continued to Monday this week.

“A female doctor from a private practice was brought into the house Monday mid-afternoon to check Jennelyn after she suffered 4 days of beating. The doctor put her on a drip and told her that she was severely dehydrate,”

Ms Ipang said that this point Jennelyn was weak because she had not eaten properly.

“When night came, Bosip told me to take the two babies into their rooms and play them so that they would not hear any noise. He chained her legs and hands and put musking tape on her mouth so that she would not scream when he was beating her”. She recalled.

Ms Ipang said despite the tape on their mouth she could hear muffled screams and noises from the chains coming out from their room.

“We were all too scared to help her. We fear our lives. He always threaten to kill anyone who tried to help her,”

She added that at one point he told her that he did not care about her and would kill her if he wanted.

“Listen here. Look into my eyes. You are not my blood. If you were my sister of brother I would think twice about killing you. Mi second blo Lucifer ( I am the 2nd Lucifer). You must pray to your Jesus to help you” Ipang recounted to journalists.

On Tuesday Ipang had gone to her parents’ home at the Murray Barracks and later that day she got a call that Jennelyn was dead.


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