Late Jennelyn Kennedy's children absent at her funeral and burial

July 10, 2020 - 4031 views

While family, friends and people of Port Moresby say goodbye to late Jennelyn Kennedy for a final time, it was unfortunate that her two children were not given the opportunity.

This is because the children are currently being kept by an Australian Woman called Lyn Walsh at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Jennelyn’s family with help from the NCD Child and FAMILY Welfare tried today to get the children to attend their mother’s funeral service but they were unsuccessful.

Media personnel who accompanied the family say the Australian woman refused to let the children go.

It is not clear who this woman is and what her relationship is to Bhosip Kaiwi.

Late Jennelyn’s family say that  Simon Kaiwi children’s great grandfather agreed for the children to attend their mother’s funeral service but  Bhosip’s father Donald Kaiwi refused to let them go.

Late Jennelyn is being laid to rest at the 9 mile cemetery this afternoon.

Late Jennelyn was chained up, beaten and tortured until she died in her bedroom at her home in Port Moresby. She was 19 year old.

Her body was dumped at the Emergency unit of the Port Moresby General hospital.

Her partner and the father of her two children is charged with Willful murder and is currently being remanded at the Bomana Prison.

His case returns to court on the 30th of July.



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