December 29, 2020 - 553 views

Under his leadership Internal Revenue Commission, Commissioner General Sam Koim has so far six IRC officers have been terminated on grounds of corruption.

GST refund has been a very high risk area and now IRC is introducing some stringent measures now and also working on electronic transfer of GST refunds to prevent incidents of cheque fraud.

IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim says that administrative Corruption usually occurs at the meeting of two factors: “opportunity” and “motive”.

HE adds that IRC is increasing staff incentives as well as setting up a robust system of detection and harsh punishment (deterrence) to deal with the “motive” element. 

IRC is also introducing reforms and automation to reduce the “opportunities” for corruption, as well as re-distributing discretion instead of vesting it in one person in areas where the risks are high.

As part of the in-house cleaning up, Mr Koim is enforcing termination and will not hesitate to apply this to senior officers who have spent years working at the organization.

The Former Chairman of the Investigation Taskforce Sweep sternly warned those who engage in tax fraud schemes to reflect on their lives during the festive period and look into changing the path they have gone down.


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