Island community receives water tanks

October 15, 2020 - 468 views

By Christa Cooper

Kido village in the Kairuku Hiri District, Central province, sadly like many rural villages in the country, lacks basic government services.

The village close to Port Moresby has no health clinic, a rundown school, and one water well which is now salty.

To get there, one has to go by boat or walk two hours from Lealea to the village as there is no proper road link.

Seeing their struggle, NiuPower Limited came on board to assist this island community with water tanks.

Today the village was a recipient of four water tanks by this power generation company.

Ward Member, Kaia Podi-Aup, said though they are a few kilometers away from one of the country’s largest projects, PNG LNG site at Papa village, there is no electricity, no treated or running water system running through the village.

She expressed appreciation to NiuPower who supplied four 9000 Litres water tanks to her people.

NiuPower Representative, Wellington Bellawa thanked Ms Podi-Aup for taking the initiative to help her community.

Ms Podi-Aup said they are hoping that with the major Limestone project that has been proposed in Kido, basic services will reach them.


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