July 12, 2020 - 474 views

A joint intelligence team has been set up to investigate the issuing of the 176 fake visas.

The team is made up of Police Anti – Corruption Unit and officer’s from the Immigration and Citizenship Authority purposely to investigate and identify those involved in the issuing of these fake visas last Saturday.

Aligning with the Marape -Steven Government’s vision in taking back PNG, Minister for Immigration and boarder security Westly Nukundj says a report on the outcome of the investigation will be made known early this week.

The team headed by the department’s internal Taskforce Coordinator John Biria, will clean out illegal activities within the organization and the agencies associated with them, says Minister Nukundj.

He says the taskforce team will ensure everyone involved in the issuing of these visas will be held accountable.

Minister Nukundj warned any non-citizens who have obtained their visas through fraudulent means to report before the investigations team catches up on them.

He says the issue of fake visa is a threat to this nation’s security and as the responsible Minister, he will not stop until they get the main suspects in the fake visa scam.


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Mike, 4 weeks ago
Well done, much needed