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NCD Governor Powes Parkop says he is dumbfounded and shocked to learn of the death of Janelyn Kennedy.

 In a statement on his Facebook page Parkop wrote that - No amount of excuse can justify violence or death. It is just simply wrong and unacceptable.

“We are all shocked and grieving once  again at this senseless killing. Sadly, it is becoming too much and too many. It has reached a crisis level in both prevalence and intensity of violence, yet no real action is being taken at the national level to address this crisis that not only affects the lives of women and girls of our country but also the entire development and progress of our country” he said.

Governor Parkop said that In the recent June session of Parliament, he had set a number of questions on domestic violence which he had intended to raise with Prime Minister James Marape.

Unfortunately Parkop  did not ask the questions because he was not given the opportunity during question time.

 “I intend to follow up on these questions with the Prime Minister so real actions to stop and end this crisis can start. We grieve and condemn but unless we take real action not much will change for women and girls of our country. All the development goals of the country will equally fail.” He added.


The questions he had prepared to ask are as follows

1. Will Govt consider funding the Strategic Plan Response to and deal with Gender based violence. Can we match the EEU who have allocated £19million for the Spot Light Program that is targeted at GBV;

2. Will Govt consider invoking the provision of the Constitution on Reserve Seats so we can have women leaders come to Parliament to push agendas that promote the status of Women including addressing GBV;

3. Would the Government also consider setting up the Commission on the Status of Women to address impediment to advancement of women in our country;

4. Can you direct the Minister for Education to get NICTA to investigate and prosecute men and boys involved in cyber bullying especially against women, and;

5. Can you direct the Minister for Education to get the Department to incorporate in the school curriculum  anti bullying, harassment and teaching the children anti-Violence strategies and GBV prevention in schools.

There is a strategic plan to respond to and deal with GBV which was adopted by NEC and launched in 2016.

Parkop says this plan was designed with many stakeholders in PNG especially women and the United Nations Organizations and that it needs to be funded and implemented without delay.

 “It also needs to be revised and updated so it addresses importantly behavior and attitude of men and boys of our country. “ he adds

“In the City we are committed to doing more but we also need leadership at Parliament and National Government to enable us to seriously address this serious crisis in our country. We have been implementing the NCD Strategic Plan on GBV for the last 3 to 4 years.

We have now engaged a strategic advisor to revise and improve the plan for us in Partnership with UNWomen. We will launch soon the Commission on the Status of Women at NCDC to monitor and ensue that the plan is being implemented. Currently, we are doing a survey with our staff, our program managers and contractors to create a policy against violence at work place.

We all need to take on this major challenge together. It’s critical to our development and our country’s future.” Said Parkop



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Mike, 3 weeks ago
Very well said, unfortunately no one will listen