Eastern Highlands on alert after 10 reported Covid 19 cases

October 15, 2020 - 219 views

The Eastern Highlands provincial administration is in close communication with the Eastern Highlands provincial health authority as surveillance work proceeds after 10 Covid 19 cases were confirmed in the Goroka district.

The provincial health authority CEO Dr Joseph Apa said, the 10 cases are from one family who reside in one household.

The 10 cases in the province are; one male 77 years, one female 67 years, one male 59 years, one female 55 years, one female 52 years, one female 30 years, one female 27 years, one male 15 years and the two youngest are females aged 7 and 3.

Dr Apa said contact tracing is underway.

He said the good news is that it had been easy for the surveillance team to isolate and quarantine them since they are from one household.

He explained that according to their surveillance team, the spread of the 10 new cases originated from an index patient who was quarantined in Port Moresby, and managed to travel to Goroka and stayed 7 days before returning to Port Moresby.

Based on the information from the surveillance team on the ground in Goroka, Dr Apa and Mr Gimisive understand that the check point systems in place to contain the spread is not effective enough.

Mr Gimisive said if there are reports of rapid local transmission, the provincial controller will have to put up some tough restrictions.


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