Dr. Yockopua disappointed over St. John missing out on Govt funding

November 24, 2020 - 530 views

By David Susuve

A senior doctor is disappointed that St. John Ambulance has missed out on government funding for 2021.

St. John Chief Medical Director, Dr. Sam Yockopua, said the government must reconsider its decision to completely omit St. John from government funding.

Dr. Yockopua said this service is an extension of the emergency services and has played an important role for emergency care.

Dr. Yockopua has been working closely with St. John Ambulance and the Provincial Health Authorities to extend the arm of ambulance services throughout the country.

He is therefore appealing to the government to consider St. Johns in the budget and put money into a service that directly deals with the lives of people.

St. John PNG is a statutory organization enacted by an act of Parliament.

The St. John council incorporation with an act of 1976, is a simple government institution operating as a charity organization, however does not get direct funding from the government.

In recent years, they have been operating with support from private sectors and donor aids providing quality and affordable services to the public.

Picture by St. John Ambulance


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