Cardinal Ribat calls on all prayer groups to pray for Sir Michael Somare's healing

February 22, 2021 - 244 views

Picture taken from via diocese of Wewak

 The Somare families have released a statement through Cardinal John Ribat advising that PNG’s founding father Sir Michael Somare is seriously ill with pancreatic cancer.

 The statement said that the cancer is at a critical stage and as a family along with his medical teams are giving him the utmost care in Port Moresby that he deserves.

 “After comprehensive consultation to ensure all clinical opportunities were exhausted in every jurisdiction with the competencies able to treat the critical stage of this form of cancer, the family in consultation with the Grand chief and Lady Veronica have settled with offering the best palliative care and nutritional and dietary care in PNG.

 “Due to the numerous enquiries, we thought it best to be forthright so the public knows the exact extent of this terrible illness.

 “Many families have experienced such grief and today its our turn. We thus take this opportunity to thank the many Papua New Guineans that have sent in their well wishes and prayers for the health and wellbeing of Sir Michael and Lady Veronica. 

 “We as a family continue to ask people of Papua New Guinea for your prayers for Sir Michael and all others that are critically ill and suffering quietly around the country.



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