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Bosip Kaiwi is being charged with willful murder after the death of his partner Jennelyn Kennedy on Tuesday.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou says the young man was charged yesterday and investigators are expected to press more charges in the coming days.

Mr Kaiwi was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after news of his partner’s death broke out.

Jennelyn Kennedy’s lifeless body was dropped off at the Emergency Unit of the Port Moresby General Hospital between 2 – 3pm on Tuesday afternoon.

According to observations by Doctor Sam Yockopua Head of Port Moresby General Hospitsl emergency – Her lifeless body was rushed in, fully established death. It looked apparent that she had been through living hell, a slow, deliberate painful death.

On his Facebook wall Dr Yockopua wrote the following:

“It was obvious that Jennelyn had been tied forcefully, her hands and feet showed all features suggesting how strongly the ropes were tied to the back.   Rope imprints were visible, skin peeled off and cut inwards. Whip marks, skin cuts, bruises, scratches, fractures, you name - yes, they were all there from head to toe. Her huge bulging at the back of her head due to blood collection suggested the head beating she agonizingly sustained. She must have asked him to speed it up but he took his time. The black eyes on both sides (racoons' eyes) and blood collection at the back of the ears (battle's sign) suggesting basal skull fracture.”

Mr N’Dranou says the investigation will take some time but police want to ensure all appropriate charges will be laid.

Mr N’Dranou says with the charge of willful murder the law does not allow a police bail.

Mr Kaiwi is currently locked up at the Boroko Police station and will have to go to the national court to apply for bail.


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Mike, 2 weeks ago
Terrible atory
Brocliam, 2 weeks ago
???????????????????????????????????????? RIP Young pretty girl ...trying her best to be the mother of her kids but left the two innocent kids and gonne like this...very heart breaking ???? ???? ????????????????????????