BNL Response to Social Media Politics

November 16, 2020 - 755 views

Barrick Niugini Limited (BNL) says it has reported a number of defamatory posts to PNG authorities and Facebook Company.

In a statement released on BNL’s Facebook page the company says it is aware of a number of false and misleading statements on Facebook and other social media alleging BNL involvement in the actions of PNG parliamentarians to move from the government to the opposition and attempts to draw a linkage between the political events and the visit of Barrick Gold CEO Mark Bristow to PNG.  

BNL states that those statements are false, defamatory and the company will be taking civil and criminal action against the individuals who have made these irresponsible and false statements.   

Mr Bristow and his team travelled to PNG in good faith under a joint agreement between Prime Minister Marape and Mr Bristow which committed to negotiations relating to the restart of the Porgera mine. 

Mr Bristow has visited PNG numerous times in the past two years to engage with the Government constructively and negotiate an agreement beneficial to all Porgera stakeholders. 

 During  his current visit, Mr Bristow and his team have not met with anybody else other than Prime Minister Marape, together with several of his ministerial colleagues, Enga Governor Ipatas, the State Negotiating Team, , and the Porgera landowners and their team.  

Barrick says the false statements made by certain known individuals are designed to create a fictitious narrative about BNL’s role to further their own political agenda. 

Barrick Niugini Limited has been operating in PNG since 2006 and remains a committed partner both to the people and State of Papua New Guinea.


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