Beche-de-mer closure in Western Province

September 16, 2020 - 478 views

The National Fisheries Authority has declared a closure for the Beche-de-mer fishery buying season in Western Province as it has reached the three tones Total Allowable Catch for 2020.

Acting Managing Director of NFA, Noan Pakop said the closure is in accordance with the requirement of the National Fisheries Beche-de-mer Management Plan 2018 to all fisheries, buyers and exporters, and the general public engaged in Beche-de-mer fishery in Western Province.

He said Western province is the first to have reached its TAC and NFA has declared harvesting of sea cucumbers to be ceased immediately as of September 17.

Buyers and exporters buying after the official fishery closure date will be deemed illegal and perpetrators will be prosecuted and may lose their licenses.

The catching season started on August 17 and will end end on Friday 25 September, 2020, for all maritime provinces. 


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