Bandicoots affecting local farmers’ pineapples in Bena

September 18, 2019 - 1149 views

PINEAPPLE farms of local farmers in the Eastern Highlands are under attack by bandicoots, a common scenario which affects farmers’ daily revenue.

56-year old Thomas Yasi of Magitu Samogo village in Bena has been growing pineapples for three years under his registered farm (YCP) and frequent attacks by bandicoots affects his daily income.

In a space of two to three months, Mr Yasi harvests around 3000 pineapples and around 20 percent of the harvest is eaten up by the terrestrial marsupial omnivore that commonly inhabits the grassland vegetation of Australia and New Guinea. 

Mr. Yasi says the problem with bandicoots is not only faced by him but with other farmers who sell Pineapples too.

He is calling on agriculture agencies around the country to help them by providing traps or medicines that will help manage the bandicoot attacks. 

On the other hand, bandicoot is also a good protein and at times farmers allow the animals to eat their produce however the bad side of it is when the animals damage the produce which they plan to sell at the markets.

According to Mr. Yasi’s calculations the from damage pineapples eaten by bandicoots, they lose at around K200 to K300 per day. 

Mr. Yasi supplies his pineapples to markets in Goroka, Lae and Madang.


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