AUSMAT ready to assist PNG

August 11, 2020 - 505 views

Members of the Australian Medical Assistance Team (Ausmat) who arrived in Papua New Guinea last week, will begin work immediately supporting the PNG government’s pandemic response team.

A total of seven medical specialists, including emergency care clinicians, are part of Australia's response to PNG's call for international assistance through the World Health Organization.

According to AUSMAT team leader Dr. Mark Little 4 of them including 2 Australian DFAT Officers were released from quarantine, while three other members will be arriving today.

Dr. Little says they will meet with a variety of key officials from the National Control Centre, to plan and coordinate resistance of what they and the Australian government could offer from a health point of view.

He says their service is at no cost to the PNG government, as part of Australia's support to PNG's Covid-19 response and they are keen to deliver the best they could offer.

Dr. Little says it important to know that Covid-19 is real, as seen in Australia where hundreds have died including young people and it is compulsory for everyone to wear a face mask, and to practice hand washing

He called every PNG’s who might have symptoms to get tested and go in for isolation, to avoid spreading the virus.

He says if PNG can do this frequently, then you will not end up like the Australians.

“Ausmat is a medical assistance team where they have highly skilled doctors and nurses, many of who are specialist’s and can respond to crisis wherever and provides the best health service that a country needs’ says Dr. Little.


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