Airline tickets will be issued only with approval from Controller

August 11, 2020 - 346 views

Papua New Guineans who wish to travel from one province to another will need to get an approval from the State Of Emergency Controller David Manning.

This approval must be gained before booking for domestic tickets are made at any airline.

Air Niugini says passengers, who have already booked tickets prior to Monday morning, for travel that day onwards, are allowed to travel without having to get approval.

Outbound international travel does not require approval. Inbound international travel continues to require Controller approval, in line with current practice.

  1. All passengers intending to book domestic travel from Monday morning will be provided an Approval Request Form to complete. This form is available online( , and at Air Niugini sales offices and travel agents.
  2. Upon completion of the form the sales office/travel agent will forward the form on your behalf for the Controller’s assessment. Intending passengers must allow up to 48 hours for submissions to be processed by the Controller, with advice of the outcome within 48 hours of submission
  3. If approved by the Controller, the passenger can then complete your domestic booking and payment at the Air Niugini sales office, or at your travel agent.

Domestic travel is restricted to the following reasons;

  1. Students returning to their usual place of residence or returning to their educational institution (one- way ticket to be issued);
  2. Persons returning to their usual residence (one -way ticket will be issued);
  3. Essential Services;
  4. Essential business travel;
  5. Seeking medical assistance and medivac; and
  6. Emergency Transport, including but not limited to repatriation of deceased person.


Air Niugini will continue to provide;

  • Hand Sanitizing at Counters and Gate Checks;
  • Air Transport Passenger Forms at check-in (for completion at the time of check-in)
  • Social Distancing at Check-in, Boarding and disembarkation;
  • Issuance of Face Masks at the Gate Checks. Face Masks have to be worn by passengers for the duration of the flight and disembarkation into the designated Terminals;
  • Inflight Catering will not be served; therefore we recommend passengers have a meal before your flight.

National Declaration of Health (NDOH) Forms will continue to be distributed during the flight, and must be completed and presented upon arrival into your domestic port of arrival.

Air Niugini will continue to operate in a safe and compliant manner, adhering to advice from the PNG Government as per the Pandemic Measures issued to mitigate the risks in the spread against Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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Mike, 1 month ago
Thank you for the information